“Litigation” is the general term for being involved in court proceedings. These proceedings can range from the very simple (such as an unpaid bill) to the very complicated (such as seeking to unravel a family trust). Our solicitors have many years’ experience in conducting litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants, in all levels of bothContinue Reading

Buying a Property

Hawthorn Cuppaidge & Badgery are a Brisbane legal team which specialise in Body Corporate related issues. We have decades of experience in advising body corporate committees, property developers, lot owners, strata management, resident managers and other associated parties across the entire range of body corporate law issues. Unlike many law firms, we very happily actContinue Reading

Selling a Property

Selling a residential property seems straight forward but there can be moments where things can go wrong. The last thing anyone wants is to incur avoidable costs that will reduce the quantum received from the proceeds. We make sure that only experienced lawyers will be responsible for your Sale because we value your peace ofContinue Reading

Off The Plan Purchases

Buying a property that doesn’t exist yet. When they say you should buy property because they’re not making more of it, did they take this into account? You’ve seen the artist renderings and you’ve decided a unit in this new development is what you want, so now you don’t know if you should bind yourselfContinue Reading

Estate Litigation

We provide a range of Estate litigation and dispute resolution services including: Family provision claims (where a Will is challenged by an eligible person who has not been adequately provided for); Claims to contest the validity of a Will (where it is argued that a Will is invalid because the deceased person did not haveContinue Reading

Estate Administration

Estate administration is the process of administering and finalising the Estate of a deceased person. This may include applying for and obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court. A Grant of Probate is the Court’s recognition that a Will of a deceased person is their last Will. A GrantContinue Reading

Estate Planning

Our team has extensive experience in helping clients to formulate comprehensive and effective Estate plans. Estate planning involves more than drafting a Will. Personal relationships, family circumstances, business arrangements and ownership of assets all must be considered when structuring your Estate plan to ensure your testamentary wishes are carried out. We will ensure that youContinue Reading

Superannuation Advice

Superannuation is a compulsory retirement savings system and is applicable to almost all Australians. It is for this reason that superannuation comprises a significant portion of the average person’s asset portfolio. We provide a range of services dealing with both self-managed superannuation funds (SMSFs) as well as industry, retail, public and corporate funds. Services weContinue Reading

Spousal Maintenance

One of the purposes of the Family Law Act is to ensure that, following the end of the relationship, the parties become financially independent of each other. However, the law also recognises that, in some cases this is simply not possible. For example, the mother/wife may have either given up her career or not startedContinue Reading

Property Settlement

The end of a relationship is always traumatic. When there is a major dispute over property, which can include real property, super, motor vehicles and even the dog (yes, it has happened!) the lack of trust usually involved in such disputes means that it is not a good idea to try to resolve matters yourself.Continue Reading

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