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Following separation, one or both parties may wish to apply for a divorce so that they can get on with their lives. Being separated for one year is the only ground for seeking a divorce in Australia; if you have been married for less than two years you also need to prove to the court that you have also undergone counselling.

The vast majority of divorce applications are made online through the Commonwealth Courts website. The application can be made by one party, or by both parties jointly. In many cases it is not necessary for the parties to actually attend the divorce hearing, especially if suitable arrangements have been made for any children.

If the application is being made by one party, the papers need to be served personally on the other party. While in many cases this is not an issue, we can help you arrange service, if necessary by requesting that service be carried out by a professional process server.

There are a number of procedural matters that need to be dealt with to enable a divorce to be granted. We can help guide you through these matters, assist you with completing the application form, filing it online on your behalf, and ensuring that the entire process proceeds smoothly.

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