“Litigation” is the general term for being involved in court proceedings. These proceedings can range from the very simple (such as an unpaid bill) to the very complicated (such as seeking to unravel a family trust).

Our solicitors have many years’ experience in conducting litigation for both plaintiffs and defendants, in all levels of both the state and Commonwealth courts. This means that we can assist you through the entire process, from writing a letter of demand to drafting and filing your claim and conducting the matter after that, up until the matter is concluded either by a negotiated settlement or following a trial.

If you are the defendant to a claim, you need to be aware that, in normal circumstances, you only have 28 days from the day that the court documents are served on you in which to file a defence. The rules of pleading can be quite complicated; for example, you are bound by even the inadvertent admission of something that is set against you, and such an admission can only be withdrawn with the permission of the court, which is not easily given.

Litigation can be stressful, and we can help you to ease that stress by carrying out the work on your behalf.

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