Estate Litigation

Estate Litigation Legal Representation

We provide a range of Estate litigation and dispute resolution services including:

  • Family provision claims (where a Will is challenged by an eligible person who has not been adequately provided for);
  • Claims to contest the validity of a Will (where it is argued that a Will is invalid because the deceased person did not have capacity at the time the Will was signed or was the subject of undue influence);
  • Informal Will applications (where a Will has not been executed in accordance with the formal requirements of the law);
    providing advice where original Wills have been lost;
  • Statutory Will applications (where a Will is made by the Court in circumstances where the person is a minor or does not have the capacity to make a Will themselves);
  • Providing advice on the construction of the terms of a Will;
  • Estate dispute resolution;
  • Disputes involving superannuation and life insurance proceeds;
  • Disputes involving enduring powers of attorney, guardianship and financial administrators; and
  • Disputes involving non-Estate structures such as trusts and companies.

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