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Estate administration is the process of administering and finalising the Estate of a deceased person.

This may include applying for and obtaining a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration from the Supreme Court. A Grant of Probate is the Court’s recognition that a Will of a deceased person is their last Will. A Grant of Letters of Administration is issued by the Court in situations where there is no Will, or where the Will does not appoint an executor.

Estate administration also involves finalising the deceased’s accounting and taxation affairs, settling their debts and liabilities, collecting the assets of the Estate and distributing the net assets to the entitled beneficiaries.

Our team provides expert advice in relation to all Estate administration matters including:

  • Applications for Grants of Probate and Letters of Administration;
  • Estates where there is no Will or where the Will does not deal with all assets of the Estate;
  • Estates where the Will is invalid;
  • Advice to executors on their duties and obligations;
  • Advice to beneficiaries about their rights;
  • Collecting and distributing the assets of the Estate;
  • Liaising with accountants and other professionals to finalise the Estate;
  • Advice about non-Estate assets such as trust or company assets, superannuation assets and insurance proceeds; and
  • General Estate taxation advice.

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