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Most people have been in a situation where a customer or client decides for whatever reason not to pay them. If the amount is small, it can be an annoyance. However, if large amounts outstanding the viability of your own business may be jeopardised.

Often a letter of demand from a solicitor is enough to obtain payment-in many cases we can do this for a fixed fee.

If the letter does not provoke a response, it may be necessary to institute court proceedings. Most debt claims are brought either in QCAT ($1-$25,000) or the Magistrates Court ($1-$150,000). We can draft and file the court documents, and conduct the case to resolution.

We appreciate that cost may be a concern. In QCAT, the only costs that are normally recoverable are the filing fee. However, in the state courts, the starting point is that costs “follow the event”, which means that the losing party makes a contribution towards the winner’s costs. These costs are usually somewhere between 50% and 70% of the total costs incurred.

Sometimes it is more cost-effective to reach a settlement than to pursue or defend a claim to trial. We can advise you on an appropriate offer of settlement, and assist you at any mediation to try to negotiate a suitable settlement.

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