Chinese Litigation Lawyer - Ken Chow

Ken Chow 周珏健律師

Ken Chow 周珏健律師

Senior Associate

Chinese Litigation Lawyer - Ken Chow

Chinese Litigation Lawyer 中文訴訟律師

Ken Chow 周珏健律師

Ken is the Senior Associate, a Chinese litigation Lawyer, at Hawthorn Cuppaidge & Badgery Lawyers, the oldest law firm in Brisbane.

He focuses on commercial litigation and is able to represent you at Court for various litigation matters at Supreme Court, Federal Court or High Court of Australia.

As a litigation lawyer, Ken is experienced in commercial litigation and family law litigation matters.

Commercial Litigation

If you have a commercial dispute, such as a company dispute, debt dispute or trust dispute, give our office a call to book for a consultation with Ken. Ken is experienced in commercial matters such as commercial disputes, company issues, disputes in commercial leases and retail shop leases, shareholder disagreements and trust related matters.

Family Law Litigation

Ken is also experienced in family law disagreements, such as divorce & separation, finance and property, children, spousal maintainence, children maintanence matters.

Chinese Litigation Lawyer with Business Experience

Before becoming a litigation lawyer, Ken worked in the commercial property sector as a senior consultant to high-end foreign investors. Consequently, Ken has a vast amount of knowledge and deep understanding of the commercial and business world.

Therefore, Ken is “not just a lawyer”, but a commercial litigation lawyer with practical commercial and business experience. He is also currently an owner and operator of a law firm, medical centre and beauty clinic, with actual hands-on business and management skills, sight and experience.

Chinese Litigation Lawyer with Legal Experience

Nearly 10 years ago, Ken first joined Hawthorn Cuppaidge & Badgery as a solicitor. Before that, he practised family law at another top-tier family law firm in the Gold Coast, dealing with divorce and finance & property matters.

After joining Hawthorn Cuppaidge & Badgery, Ken dealt with various legal matters, including wills & estate, property law, commercial law, family law and litigation.

All these gave Ken a wide spectrum of legal and business experience. It makes Ken the perfect person to understand your situation and concerns, from both legal and business angles.

Multi-lingual Lawyer – Chinese and English

Ken was born in Hong Kong and was brought up in Australia, and can therefore speak, read and write fluet English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese).

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