Domestic Violence

Brisbane Domestic Violence Legal Representation

Everyone has the right to feel safe, especially in their own home. Unfortunately, domestic violence is all too common.

Domestic violence is not limited to physical violence, but can also include emotional, psychological, sexual, or financial abuse, along with threats and coercion. Protection can be sought for a party to a relationship, after the relationship has broken up, or for persons in a family relationship.

If you are unfortunate enough to suffer from any of the above we can assist you in bringing an application for a Domestic Violence Order in the court, including advising you on the appropriate terms of that order (for example, should there be a non-contact provision or should the other party be ordered to leave the matrimonial home). It may also be necessary to seek orders in respect of any rental property in which you reside, for example by terminating the tenancy or requesting that the abusive partner’s name be removed from the tenancy agreement.

Breach of a Domestic Violence Order is an offence and can be (and often is) punished by imprisonment for up to 5 years.

If circumstances change, it may be necessary for the order to be varied. We can help you prepare the necessary paperwork and appear at court on your behalf if appropriate.

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