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Most of us are employers or employees. Sometimes this contractual relationship breaks down and, in many cases, needs to be terminated.

There are strict procedures which need to be followed on termination of employment. The departing employee’s entitlements also need to be calculated (for example any notice payment and unpaid holiday leave). Failure to follow these procedures could lead to an application to the Fair Work Commission.

For employees, an application needs to be made within 21 days of the termination of employment. We can assist you with completing the necessary forms and submitting them to the Commission.

For employers, we recommend that you seek advice before terminating a person’s employment, so that you can ensure both that the termination is lawful and that the entitlements are calculated correctly. We can provide you with this advice, together with the basis on which any entitlements are payable.

Whether you make the application to the Commission, or are the party against whom the application is brought, we can help you through the process, including advising you at any mediation and, if necessary, appearing at any hearing of the matter. We can also draft settlement agreements, which set out the responsibilities of each party following the termination of employment and the resolution of the Commission process.

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