Contractual Disputes

Legal Representation for Contractual Disputes in Brisbane

Contracts can be very simple (for example buying a newspaper) or incredibly complicated (such as buying a business). If the contract is not written in clear language, or if one party simply decides that it doesn’t wish to be bound by it, then a dispute will arise.

It probably goes without saying that the starting point in any contractual dispute is to read the contract! However, each side to the dispute may be interpreting the contract differently-hence the dispute.

Things are more complicated if there is no written contract. The terms of the contract then need to be distilled from a combination of any oral agreement and any action taken by one or other party.

Regardless of your position in the dispute, we can help you interpret any written agreement, and advise on what obligations either party has incurred through their words and actions.

Many disputes can be resolved by negotiation, and we can help you reach an agreement with the other side-using a solicitor to negotiate often takes a lot of the heat out of the situation, leading to a settlement that is acceptable to both parties.

If it is not possible to negotiate a settlement, litigation may be necessary. We can help you make or defend a claim, and act on your behalf until the matter is resolved either through mediation or after a trial.

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